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Aug 5 – Aug 30

Fall Registration Packages Available Now

Classes begin September 3, 2024


WEEK 1: AUG 5 – AUG 9
WEEK 2: AUG 12 – AUG 16
WEEK 3: AUG 19 – AUG 23
WEEK 4: AUG 26 – AUG 30


10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Richmond Jewish Day School
8760 # 5 Road
Richmond, BC



10 AM – 12 NOON $200
10 AM – 1 PM $230
10 AM – 3 PM $320

How To Pay

Payment is due on registration.

Payment can be made by e-transfer or check.


Make an e-transfer to PRGA  at

Please, indicate for which gymnast and which week/weeks the payment applies. 


Bring checks to your coaches or send to:
Aura Rhythmics
7580 Anvil Crescent
Richmond, BC V7C 4E8

Please, indicate for which gymnast and which week/weeks the payment applies. 


Please complete the online registration form and liability waiver. You can find them here.




Please complete the online registration form and liability waiver. You can find them here.

To register and secure a spot, please fill out this registration form and pay the registration fee by e-transfer to







Aura Rhythmics ~ “Where Victory lies in the Heart”

Aura Trains Canadian National Team Champions
 Top training facilities:
Sport Partner with the Richmond Olympic Oval

Dear Parents and gymnasts,

Welcome back to a new season!

The first day of training is Tuesday, September 3rd.

Please find the 2024-2025 Aura Registration Package here.

To register we require:

1. Payment of the registration fee (payable to PRGA)
– For tuition/ training fee, please follow the schedule in the registration package.

2. Registration Form (if you already given us registration form last year and there are no changes in the information, we will use the old form).

3. Release of liability, waiver of claims, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement.

Payment options:

1. Email transfer 

*For Registration Fees:

Make an e-transfer to PRGA  at

Please, indicate which girl the payment is for.

*For tuition fees :

Make an e-transfer to

Please, indicate which girl the payment is for.

2. Pay with check

For both, registration (to PRGA) and tuition fee (to Aura Rhythmics), bring checks to your coaches or send to:

Aura Rhythmics
7580 Anvil Crescent
Richmond, BC
V7C 4E8

For families paying by instalments, we require post dated checks, dated on the first day of each instalment period.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can email or call:
Kamena at 604-318-4233 or Gina 778-898-8570.

Aura Rhythmics

Our COVID Plan

We will do everything we can to ensure that our members and coaches are safe. Please read our plan and understand the risks, and do your part to help us all be safe!

Our Philosophy and Mission

Aura Rhythmics trains athletes not only for sport, but for life. We have built a club founded on trust, friendships and family. Our first athletes return to visit with their own families now, and share fond memories of their careers as rhythmic gymnasts. Their love for athletics was driven by the skills, choreography, coaching, travels, competition and stability of belonging to a loving team. We are proud of the work we have accomplished over the past 25 years, and look forward to the future.

Sara Solodkin
Senior Operations Manager

I did rhythmic gymnastics with Aura Rhythmics from when I was 6 years old until I was 16. My time in rhythmic gymnastics greatly shaped who I am today in so many ways. For one, Aura gave me a sense of belonging – to a community, to a friend group and to a second family. It kept me busy and out of trouble as a teenager. I also credit RG for giving me my competitive drive and determination, which served me in gymnastics but has led to a successful career as a woman in business.

The memories from my 10 years at Aura are priceless – the time I spent with my grandfather driving me to gymnastics everyday, competitions around the world, my first time on the podium, our summer camps after the break. These are memories that I will always look back on fondly and I am so grateful for Aura Rhythmics for bringing us all together to experience everything that we did.

I remember being seven years old and having to choose between gymnastics and horseback riding – I know I made the right decision pursuing gymnastics, and I cannot wait until my future children have their first day at Aura Rhythmics too!

Loring Rochacewich

I joined Aura Rhythmics in 1999. At that time, I had been competing in Rhythmic Gymnastics for eight years, at the national level for four. I considered myself be a seasoned athlete, having experienced many coaching styles and techniques.

When I joined Aura Rhythmics I found something different. I found a team of likeminded athletes and most importantly an exceptional  coach. Kamena Petkova quickly identified and addressed areas for improvement in my conditioning and technique. She also helped me find the confidence I needed to become a better competitor, not only physically, but mentally. Kamena pushed me to challenge myself in new ways, and to overcome those personal factors that were preventing me from competing at my best. She was a continuous source of inspiration for me. Her empathetic and encouraging nature, paired with her rigorous coaching style made for some seriously good rhythmic gymnastics.

Furthermore, participating in rhythmic gymnastics inspired me to pursue a related career – physiotherapy. I currently use many of the skills I learned as an athlete in Aura Rhythmics to inform my practice as a physiotherapist. As a result of my experience as a gymnast, I have a passion for physical fitness which I have the privilege of sharing with others in my daily work.

jill turner
Jill Turner

I am grateful to have spent my adolescence as a rhythmic gymnast, and especially lucky to have done so at Aura Rhythmics. The club provided an exceptional familial community to grow up in. Kamena Petkova was an inspirational coach to me, and when I return to visit the gym I can see that she has instilled the same passion in all of her athletes past and present. I felt very alive training and competing in this sport, and it allowed me to pursue my passion for traveling at an early age. However it also imbued in me the awareness of working hard and challenging myself to reach goals. I could not have done this without the coaches, managers, and teammates at Aura Rhythmics. I recognize that many of my life long skills of hard work, public speaking, creativity, and curiosity were developed because of my time at Aura.

Megan Hui
Actor, Stunt Performer

I began rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 9 after Kamena saw me at a McDonald’s birthday party that her daughter had also been invited to. She approached my parents and asked if they would be interested in bringing me to the gym to try rhythmic gymnastics out. Boy, am I glad they listened because the sport of rhythmic gymnastics and the Aura Rhythmic Gymnastics Club changed my life forever. I could not have asked for a better coach than Kamena, who poured her heart and soul into my training, and pushed me to reach achievements I could never have imagined. Under her’s and Yimei’s guidance I became a member of the Canadian National Team and competed at both the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships and the Pan American Games.

After retiring from the sport I went on to become a professional dancer in LA and was blessed with the opportunity to go on tour across Europe for the German pop star Helene Fischer. From dancing I began training for the stunt industry and have been fortunate to be a part of some amazing projects including the upcoming Deadpool 2 and TV shows such as Arrow, Supergirl, and the Flash. I must say that the skills I gained from all my years of rhythmic gymnastics training created a strong foundation to build on for all the other skills I needed to develop for my career. I will forever be grateful to Kamena, Yimei, Gina and the Aura Rhythmic Gymnastics Club.